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Internship Opportunities

International Marketing 

This internship will give you a high-level overview of global marketing methods used in companies in continuous expansion and growth. Having access to a wide array of tools, you will learn how to master the ability to promote and position internationally.

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Business Administration

In this role, you will effectively communicate with all departments, from marketing to sales, from management to operations, etc. This kind of internship will see you as the main component of the daily efforts of different teams and their achievements.

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Operations Management

Every business has logistics and day-to-day duties. If you like being part of the mechanisms of well-established companies, this internships will definitely help you master and perfect your logical and managerial skills.

Luxury Management
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Learn and master how to bring value to a system that is based on quality. Develop the fundamental skills that will help you excel in your luxury management career by understanding the behaviors and strategies to capture exclusive clients and retain them.

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Brand Strategy

You will understand how to promote a company's brand, products, and services through the use of traditional ways of marketing and digital marketing by using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. in order to build meaningful connections and encourage community members to take action.

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